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Foot Fitness

By Sheri Bergen

Do your feet ever hurt after a long walk, or after an event in high heels or tight-fitting dress shoes? After a long day mine did, that is until I trained in Yamuna Body Rolling and discovered Yamuna’s Foot Wakers, two rubber hemispheres that can change the way our feet move and contact the ground.

Our feet carry and balance all of our weight and work hard, so it isn’t surprising that almost everyone experiences foot pain and stiffness at times. Wearing improperly-fitted or poorly-designed footwear (spike heels or flats without support, for instance) or simply spending too much time on hard surfaces, can create foot trauma, including plantar fasciitis, bunions, and fallen arches. Foot reflexology and massage can help, and I am happy to provide that, but I find that Foot Wakers give not only temporary relief for my tired, achey feet, but can even create lasting change in flexibility and fitness.

A simple three-to-five-minute routine at least twice a week can relieve much foot pain and improve foot flexibility. People who commit to this practice may find that the bunions they thought were fixed in stone begin to be more flexible, and that their fallen arches begin to rise. The routine consists of standing on the Foot Wakers starting at the heels and then moving incrementally and slowly through the entire length of the foot. Take a look at the one-minute YouTube video below to see how it works.

You may schedule an individual session with me to learn this for yourself, or if there is sufficient interest, I will schedule an evening class in our offices. Call or text me for details: 703-200-4215

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