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Ayumi Bucher, L.M.T

Ayumi is a native of Japan and massage has been part of her everyday life since childhood.  Throughout her life, she experienced various forms of manual therapy and admired this approach to healing: gentle, holistic, and multi dimensional. 


She appreciates the benefits from the variety of massage techniques and she continues to expand her tools to help a wider range of people. Currently, she practices neuromuscular therapy, manual lymph drainage, Swedish, and Deep tissue. 


Prior to going into the massage field, she worked in dentistry for 10 years. Working alongside TMJ specialists deepened her knowledge and set the foundation to specialize in TMJ massage. 


In massage therapy, pain relief is the area Ayumi has a special place for and she strives to optimize each session through collaborative work with clients. 


Graduate, from PMTI, 2017

B.A. in International Relations from The University of Kitakyusyu, Fukuoka, Japan, 2008

Ayumi sees clients: Monday and Thursday

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