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What Is Reiki

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Reiki has been shown to help with recovery after hospital procedures, stress reduction and prevention, anxiety, depression, pain reduction, improve resilience and boost immune supports, and for physical and mental health support for cancer patients.American Counseling Association Reiki is an energy healing technique that creates relaxation, clearing stress and anxiety through gentle touch. The Reiki Master releases blocks in your energy often caused by stress and pain, giving you gives you chakra healing and chakra clearing. Free-flowing energy relaxes your body and mind, supercharging your body’s natural healing mechanisms. Racing or negative thoughts turn into quiet calm. People report a feeling “lighter, balanced, and clearer.” People notice spiritual growth as they reconnect spiritually and to the Divine. How are we affected by blocks in our energy? Ever feel drained and sluggish or anxious and stressed? Those are symptoms that your energy is blocked. Your energetic pathways allow you to receive life-force energy to keep the body in a state of balance and well-being. Negative thoughts and feelings, stress, trauma, drugs, injury, abuse, and environmental toxins can contribute to an imbalance of our energetic balance. When our energy system is chronically out of balance, it can result in pain and dis-ease. How is Reiki performed? The Reiki Master uses gentle touch, hovers over the body, or provides healing long-distance. In this bodywork, you stay fully clothed as the Reiki Master channels Universal life force energy into you. Reiki compliments traditional medical and psychiatric care. Reiki is evidence based and embraced by hospitals Reiki is now one of the top three alternative healing in-patient therapies in U.S. hospitals, according to an American Hospital Association (AHA) survey. All 20 of the 2021-2022 Best Hospitals Honor Roll as ranked by U.S. News & World Report offer services by the Reiki Master. Reiki is offered worldwide at medical facilities to its most vulnerable populations for acute (post-surgery) and chronic conditions such as cancer patients.

Hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and UCLA Health train their nurses and caregivers to become Reiki Masters to support their allopathic medical care. Connect with Wendy Wisner, Reiki Master, if you would like to experience the healing touch of Reiki. What information would be helpful for the Reiki Master?

  • What hurts today? Have you had chronic pain?

  • Are there physical, emotional, or mental challenges that you would like to release?

  • Would you like to be touched or prefer that the hands hover over you or virtually? Either can bring your healing.

  • Any questions?

Become a Reiki Master Are you interested in healing yourself or providing healing to others? Wendy Wisner provides Reiki Master certifications. Ask us about her next Reiki I: Day of Self Healing that is coming soon. About the Author Free yourself to be the real you. Wendy Wisner is a Spiritual Healer, intuitive, and educator. Since 1998, Wendy Wisner has helped people achieve their health, relationships, and career goals through Energy Healing. Clear unconscious patterns and heal unresolved feelings. Free yourself with a new perspective to take back your power and move forward as the REAL radiant you.

Wendy is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, educator, interfaith minister, medium, and Director of Radiant You’s CAM for Recovery. She serves an international clientele. Working with Wendy, you will restore your belief that, “I’ve got this.” Connect now.

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