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Teneisha Coursey, L.M.T

Teneisha has been a L.M.T since 2004. She has a great passion for understanding complicated skills and systems and then converting them into practical application. She is enthralled on her journey to help both herself and clients alleviate pain/discomfort due to chronic imbalances and day to day stressors. Teneisha, naturally heavy handed, integrates her strong foundation in Clinical/Deep Tissue Modalities with mindful intention and intuition in each session to deliver desired pressure and nurturing comfort. In recent years she has delved into the profound effects of Light Touch Manual Therapies, taking various courses with experts in the International Fascia Foundation also obtaining Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Technique).



Certified Peri-Prenatal-Postpartum Massage 2016

Certified Modern Cupping Therapy 2019

Certified MLD ( Vodder Technique) 2022

Heated Stones ( Basalt and Himalayan Salt Stones)

Heritage Institute 2004

Teneisha sees clients: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

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