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Energy Healing at Alexandria Myotherapy: Qigong Therapy, Reiki, and More!

We invite you to experience the amazing benefits of energy healing, qigong and reiki here at Alexandria Myotherapy, Inc. Energy healing, energy work, and energy medicine are common umbrella terms to describe a modality that brings a person's energy flow into balance creating a renewed vitality within mind, body, and spirit.

When you get a massage, the focus is on your physical body. Muscles, tissue, and fascia are massaged and stretched so that you feel less tension and move better, minus the pain which positively impacts your health and overall sense of well-being.

You can achieve similar results by treating another aspect of the human body: your subtle energy body.

Ever wonder what energy actually is? Is it real? How do we know it exists if we can't see it with the naked eye?

While we ponder these questions, it becomes clear that we can’t deny the presence of energy. It’s our life force or “qi” in the Chinese tradition of Qigong and in Reiki it’s commonly called universal energy or spiritual energy as translated from Japanese.

We notice that when our energy feels stuck, we might feel depressed. We recognize that when we feel good, our energy is free-flowing and balanced. There’s no sense of feeling “off.”

Is it any wonder that energy healing practices have been used for thousands of centuries to affect health and vitality?

Be comforted in knowing that you have access to valid alternative and complementary therapies with experienced practitioners that can help you feel less pain, less tension, and less stress, so you can feel more like yourself.

Explore the various energy healing skill sets offered here at Alexandria Myotherapy Inc. by booking an Integrative Energy Healing session which features the unique skill set of your chosen practitioner. Read bios here to find your best fit!

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