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Energy Healing Heals Anxiety

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing help people heal their anxiety. Are you among the 19% of women, teens, and men who have anxiety in any given year? There is no need to let anxiety win anymore. Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing gets your energy moving again. Get your chakra healing, spiritual healing, and clear the negative energy.

Energy Healing:

  • Calms your nervous system and body

  • Flushes out toxic stress chemicals in your cells

  • Helps you heal unresolved feelings

  • Look at situations with a fresh perspective

  • Balanced and centered, you can reconnect with the real you within.

  • Stories

I worked with a teen who struggled with anxiety every day. She had a lot of anxiety when getting ready for tests and taking tests at school. With a series of Reiki and Sound Healings, she finished school last school year feeling zero anxiety at school anymore. This summer, she applied for her first job. She was happily amazed that she had no anxiety during the interview and felt only the lightness of a happy teenager this summer. She loves her job and her colleagues. She is doing so well that she was among a small group to be asked to continue part-time during the school year.

I’ve brought my teen daughter in twice in a year to see Wendy for Reiki at times when some anxiety was bubbling up. Both times my daughter left feeling so much better, and as a mom, I felt relieved. I feel this is exactly what my daughter needs to keep her energy clear and anxiety managed.

A widow came to heal her grief and anxiety after nursing her husband through cancer. Intuitive Energy Healing helped her let go of the deeply held grief and pain. She’s moving forward today with a smile and pep in her step.

You have given me so much peace in my life since my Ben died. My body was in such a state of stress. I never expected the transformation, not only the body, but my inner peace, which eluded me for some time. You changed my outlook, to see that God has a plan, we just have to have faith. Now I’m happy to be alive. I love my wonderful family, who love me so much. I even have a new dog named Lily.

Anxiety-Taming Tools Here, you receive Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing as well as evidence-based tools to give you confidence to cope when an occasional anxiety flare-up occurs. Use a few of my favorites now.

Deep belly breathinghelps you relax and heals your body. Read Breathe. Connect To Health and The Higher Power.

Ground yourself in nature . Walking barefoot on the Earth is can help you curb anxiety and has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Aerobic exercise burns off excess cortisol and adrenaline, according to Harvard research. These are the chemicals that make us feel so badly with stress or anxiety.

Sunshine can also help people with anxiety and depression. Sunshine also boosts your immune system.

Give yourself Reiki. Learn how to heal yourself. Reiki I: Day of Self Healing is coming in September.

Sending you joy! And hope to see you soon for Reiki, Sound Healing, or Intuitive Energy


About the Author Free yourself to be the real you. Wendy Wisner is a Spiritual Healer, intuitive, and educator. Since 1998, Wendy Wisner has helped people achieve their health, relationships, and career goals through Energy Healing. Clear unconscious patterns and heal unresolved feelings. Free yourself with a new perspective to take back your power and move forward as the REAL radiant you.

Wendy is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, educator, interfaith minister, medium, and Director of Radiant You’s CAM for Recovery. She serves an international clientele. Working with Wendy, you will restore your belief that, “I’ve got this.” Connect now.

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