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Energy healing is a holistic practice based on the belief that vital energy flows through the human body. With energy healing, you will feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally when blockages are removed, and/or when over-active energy is redistributed, realigned, balanced and grounded.


Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice that supports your body's innate ability to heal itself by stimulating the free-flow of your energy from head to toe. Any thought or emotion that puts your nervous system on high alert can create an energy block like a dam impeding the flow of a river.


Using gentle hand placement on your fully clothed body or hovering palms above you, your Reiki practitioner connects with your energy flow, encouraging its movement and clearing blocks. 


This might feel like tingling, coolness or heat, and most commonly, deep relaxation similar to what you'd experience during a massage. Other sensory responses include visualizing colors in your mind's eye or feeling very light as if emotional baggage has been lifted off your shoulders.


While the mechanism of how Reiki works is yet to be determined, its significant effects on quality of life continue to be reported. Reiki has been used to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, improve surgical outcomes, provide pain relief, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality.


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Reiki offered by:

Jenny DipasupilDarla Goddard

Integrative Energy Healing

Experience a holistic approach to health and vitality with an energy healing session tailored to your needs. After a brief consultation with your experienced energy medicine practitioner, they will assess your energy and provide a customized treatment based on your personalized healing intentions and their unique energy medicine skill set. This mind, body, spirit approach is an effective adjunct to complement the healing effects of massage therapy and other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy. 

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Integrative Energy Healing offered by:

Jenny Dipasupil

Qi Gong Therapy

QiGong involves using pressure on points, stretching and moving joints in a circular fashion. Qi transmission, often combined with prolonged gentle stretching, directly sends energy via the practitioner’s hands through the client’s body, down to the deepest level. It can be profoundly relaxing and healing. This type of work can be added to Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage so please select the service Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage with Rita for the total amount of time you want.

Therapists who offer Qi Gong Therapy: Rita Offer

Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique

CSFT is a type of body-energy work designed to free the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the body. It was created by chiropractic physician Dr. Don Glassey. Dr. Glassey calls CSF “the fluid of life,” that is, the physical connection linking neurons, meridians, and chakra energy. By addressing CSF, this method facilitates the optimal function of all the body’s energy systems. The result in most recipients is a profound sense of integration and relaxation.


In cranial-sacral therapy, the practitioner tries to facilitate the cranial-sacral rhythm, but in CSFT, the practitioner looks for blockages in CSF flow. The therapist palpates from the coccyx to the top of the cranium at every vertebral level, and uses a series of gentle, hands-on contacts to release the healing power of CSF throughout the body. The client remains fully clothed (or may be covered by a sheet) and lies on a massage table. The method is suitable for a person in any state of health. If for some reason the body or skin cannot be touched, the movements can be effectively followed working just above the body.



Therapists who offer Cerebrospinal Fluid Technique: Rita Offer

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