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Alexandria Myotherapy Adds Integrative Energy Work

We have added Energy Work services and Wendy Wisner as our new therapist to complement our specialized massage therapy services. Alternate healing brings health for the body, mind, and spirit. Consider one of our new offerings if stress is contributing to your body’s tension.

Science tells us that every living thing has a measurable energy. Medicine measures the health of our life-force energy with tests such as EEGs and EKGs. Humans are sustained by this life force energy and any interruption of this natural flow affects our sustainability. The Universal Energy flowing all around us is drawn in by the body to nourish the cells, organs, and glands. The Beach Boys sang about how we radiate energy to the world in their song, Good Vibrations.

When would I consider Energy Work?

Are the roots of your stress and pain emotional, mental, or spiritual? Are injuries not healing as they should without a logical explanation? Do you feel stuck, drained, anxious, or irritable? Struggling with relationships? Or disconnected spiritually or emotionally? Those are early warning symptoms of how blocked energy manifests in the body-mind-spirit.

When a person’s energy is depleted, imbalanced, or restricted by stress or injury, muscles feel tight at first, then pain occurs, and ultimately, there is greater susceptibility to illness or dis-ease.

What happens during an Energy Healing?

Universal Energy is channeled by the Energy Healer into you through a light touch or through intention. The energy re-balances and replenishes your physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The energy relaxes the body, quiets the mind, and restores well-being to the spirit the life force energy flow as your energy is brought into balance. You will feel lighter and clearer, more coherent. According to Hartford Hospital, “the body’s own innate healing abilities are “jump-started” and utilized for healing

Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Energy Clearing therapies originate from ancient forms of alternate healing and bodywork. Today, they are practiced all over the world to alleviate anxiety and stress and reduce pain and depression. Evidenced-based, American hospitals and military bases use Reiki and other forms of alternate healing to reduce anxiety, depression, and pain and accelerate healing. National Institutes of Health says, “Reiki has been found to reduce pain, anxiety, and depression, and improve self-esteem and quality of life for patients with chronic health conditions.

Healing at a distance

Energy Healing can be done in-person or virtually. How? Quantum physics says that atoms are affected by one another even at long distances. Albert Einstein famously called it, "spooky action at a distance", also known as quantum entanglement. In entanglement, one of the basic of concepts of quantum physics, the properties of one particle affect the properties of another, even when the particles are separated by a large distance.

Please welcome Wendy Wisner. She is a seasoned Spiritual Energy Healer and educator who comes to us with 24 years of experience and certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Energy Healer, and Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner. She teaches (self) Reiki and other spiritual healing classes.

Schedule an appointment with Wendy on Wednesday, Friday afternoon, and Saturday.


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