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A Tribute To Sandy Levy and AMI

Sandy Levy founded Alexandria Myotherapy in 1985 after graduating from Shaw Myotherapy Institute, where she was trained in trigger-point myotherapy. She augmented her basic education with training in Neuro-Muscular Massage Therapy, foot reflexology, Ortho-Bionomy®, Therapeutic Touch, and Active-Isolated Stretching. After six years in business by herself in a small office on Washington St., she was hired by osteopathic physicians to train Dina Clevenson in myotherapy. Dina was their new hire who had just graduated from massage school. These physicians so respected Sandy's work that they wanted their new therapist to do what Sandy did. Three years later, Dina was ready to branch out for herself and rented space from Sandy. Soon, both therapists found that their clients were having to wait too long for appointments, so they became business partners and expanded their availability. They tried to choose their staff carefully and were fortunate in their first hire, Sheri Bergen, whose talents and massage experience, along with her willingness to learn myotherapy, made her an excellent addition. She retired in 2020 after 25 years.

In 1996, Alexandria Myotherapy became Alexandria Myotherapy, Inc. (AMI) and moved to its present location on N. Fairfax St. and continued to expand. Sandy and Dina searched for just the right combination of character, skills and personality. Most therapists learned myotherapy to add to the skills they brought with them; many were with the practice more than 15 years. Angela Cannon was with AMI from 1998 to 2017. Lynne Reid came in 2003 as a seasoned local business owner to work as a receptionist, then office manager, and then she went back to school and became a massage therapist, retiring in 2019. Rita Offer arrived in 2000 and Darla Goddard in 2001 and they have been here ever since. Techniques diversified and seasoned therapists brought their own flavor and experience in modalities that enhanced the practice even more. Some great therapists have spent a few years and moved on due to circumstance, but all have shaped AMI along the way.

Sandy's strong interest has been in the treatment and management of chronic pain, and she also tries to keep abreast of complementary treatments so that she can help guide her clients when bodywork alone is not sufficient. At AMI she has been a guide to countless people struggling through one pain adventure or another and Sandy always had an idea of what might be helpful. Though this is the year she has picked to retire from AMI, her guidance will long be felt by clients and fellow therapists for years to come. We thank you, Sandy!

-- Respectfully and lovingly submitted by Dina Clevenson, #business partners for 25 years.

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