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Do I Need Vitamin D Every Day?

Updated: May 27, 2023

By Sandy Levy

Almost everyone now seems to know that Vitamin D levels are low in industrialized populations, and especially as one moves away from the equator. In recent years we have noticed that more and more of our clients report having had their D levels tested, which is the only way to know whether one needs to supplement and how much. Since adequate D is important for many, many reasons, including the maintenance of muscle health, we are glad to see this.

But if one needs a supplement (and most of us in this part of the United States do) is it needed daily? In the webinar below, Dr. Bruce Hollis explains that with regard to bone health, one can take a large dose every few weeks or so, but when it comes to other aspects of health, including the prevention of autoimmune and other diseases, including breast, prostate, and colon cancers, Vitamin D is needed every day.

This is because the form of D that is used by the system that maintains bone health (our endocrine system) has a half-life of three weeks. On the other hand, the form of D that helps maintain the health of other tissues, such as the breast, prostate, and colon, has a half-life of less than 24 hours.

So take your D every day, and take advantage, too, of our spring and summer sunshine. Although at this latitude very few people can get enough* D from the sun, sunshine brings it to us in the form that nature intended. As your mom used to say, go outside and play and don’t come home til dinner!

*For information on proper levels and dosage, go to this website.

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