Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch, like Reiki, is a form of energetic healing in which the therapist uses her hands to sense and balance the client’s energy field. And like the Reiki practitioner, the practitioner of Therapeutic Touch believes that she is not the healer but rather the instrument of healing. Both are forms of the ancient laying on of hands.

Therapeutic Touch was developed in the 1970s by Dora Kunz, a particularly gifted practitioner of energetic healing, and Dr. Dolores Krieger, then a professor of nursing at New York University. It has been taught to many thousands of health-care professionals, in more than 80 colleges and universities, and in 68 countries. Their notion was that everyone has the potential to be an instrument of healing, and toward that end they developed a system which can be learned and put into practice rather quickly. As with all arts, one gets better with study and practice.

What results can be obtained from Therapeutic Touch? In Accepting Your Power to Heal, Dr. Krieger lists four that have been well documented: relaxation, pain reduction, accelerated healing process, and alleviation of psychosomatic illness. Our (anecdotal) experience confirms this.

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