Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy creates many changes in a woman’s anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry, as well as in her emotional state. Massage can decrease the stress and discomfort caused by these changes, ease labor and delivery, and help speed recovery to a pre-pregnant state. Sheri Bergen, CMT, is certified in MotherMassage, a specialized pre- and postnatal massage therapy and labor support. Sheri, herself a mother of two grown children, understands these changes and is specially trained to treat them. She recognizes when massage is contraindicated and when referral to a physician is necessary. She uses a specially designed cushion, the bodyCushion , which allows her to position her clients with comfortable, safe support throughout the entire pregnancy, and permits the client to lie prone even into the last weeks of pregnancy. Sheri also provides massage training for the birth partner for labor support.

Therapists with training in Pregnancy Massage: Sheri Bergen, Maggie Wissert